“Stations” are staffed, interactive booths and exhibits that you can visit at any time during their listed hours. They open an hour before regular classes start, or you are welcome to visit whenever you have a break in your schedule.



Archery Station:: East Meadow
Maybe you miss doing archery at summer camp - or maybe you missed out altogether. Regardless: now’s your chance to live the dream! Come practice stringing, aiming, and shooting a variety of historical and modern bows, with safety gear and expert guidance from our certified instructors. (And yes, we have the atlatls too!)

Unarmed Combat Station:: Gardens
That fight scene looks AMAZING in your head – but can it really happen? And if so, what would it look like? No need to wonder: come by and let Allison and Alex Campolo serve as your own life-sized action figures. Tell them how it’s supposed to go and let’s see if they can bring your vision to life!


Melee Weapons Station :: Village Commons
Go ahead. Pick up one of the swords. Or maybe an axe is more your style? Regardless: we have a terrific array of archaic weapons, and we’ll be happy to demonstrate their uses, answer your questions… and yes, maybe even help you take the best #medievalmonday selfie ever.

Firearms Station:: Village Commons
If you’ve never picked up a musket, holstered a Colt, or cracked the barrel of a breech-loader – boy, are you in for a treat. Whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast or just looking for a little research help, stop by and peruse our collection!

World War II Station:: Village Commons
Come learn about the politics and events leading up to that first declaration of war. Once the first shots were fired, everything changed. Find out about the people, the machines, and the battles - both on and off the battlefield - that shaped the events of the war that transformed the world.



Cloth Dyeing and Weaving Station  :: East Meadow
Drop by any time during the weekend to try your hand at dyeing a skein of yarn or a handkerchief. Learn about mordants and natural dyes, while listening to stories about lies, cheats, and tricks of dyers. At scheduled times, we will be “giving cloth to the log” to offer you the experience of whole-cloth dyeing. Come and help!
Weaving: Come sit down at the loom and practice weaving (with individual coaching!), all while learning about the history of weaving, the politics of European weavers’ guilds, and the lost techniques we still can’t recreate.

Herbalism Station :: Village Commons
No need to look under your kitchen sink – there is a pharmacy growing right in your own back yard. Which plants can cure – or kill? – and how are they used? Join our fearless naturalist Brittney Voelker, and we guarantee you’ll never look at your garden the same way again!

Tea Station :: Village Commons
It's always tea-time somewhere! Come smell, taste, and learn about the art of tea-making around the world, as brought to freshly-brewed life by Teapunk Teas. Don't 'leaf' home without them!


Leatherworking Station :: Village Commons
What’s the difference between rawhide and leather, and how are they made? How much does it matter what animal it came from, and can you tell the source by examining the finished product? What tools do leatherworkers use, and when were they invented? Get the answers to these and so many other questions at our hands-on leatherworking station - presented by Jeff Williams of Tandy Leather. (Stop by anytime to make your own leather bookmark or Texas key fob - all materials and equipment provided!)


Smithing Station:: Gardens
Yes! Legendary blademaster Jo Smith is bringing his forge back to Writers in the Field, and firing it up just for you. Come check out a smith’s tools and equipment, ask your wildest how-to questions, and see what he’s making today!

Bookbinding Station :: Village Commons
Want to join a master bookbinder at work? Tim Black of Stardrake Studios is cutting, sewing, pressing, and folding right on the spot - and inviting you to sit down and make a book of your very own. Don’t miss the stamps, pens, sealing wax, and all-you-can-ask opportunity to apprentice beside a professional ink-slinger!

Outdoor Survival :: East Meadow
How long would you last alone in the woods? Answer: a whole lot longer, if you know what to do! Join April Holtzman of the Camp Tonkawa Outdoor Learning Center as she demonstrates how to get your bearings, build a fire, find food and water in the wild, and much more!


Equestrian Station :: East Meadow
Whoa there, partner! What's your rush? Stop by and chew the hay with Becky Burkheart and Tamara Woodcock and their trusty steeds. Visit the prancing stallion and tell him he’s handsome, then move along to the mare when you’re ready to ride, drive or fight. Sit in a wagon and try different types of saddles and handle all the different kinds of tack used in horsemanship, riding and drive. We’ll be talking horses all weekend, so bring us your questions and scenarios and we’ll bring them to life. Be sure to stop by for the hitching and driving demo on Saturday!


Aviation Station - Paper Airplane Publishing :: Village Commons
Need some help with that one aviation scene? Air racers, transport pilots, and flight instructors Mike and Linda aren’t just experts in the air - they’re writers themselves, here to help you get your details pitch - (and yaw, and roll) - perfect!

Aviation Station - Certified Aircraft Maintenance :: Airstrip
Up in the air – it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… actually, it is a plane. Aircraft mechanic Austen Rueter and pilot / medic Joe Ruidisaile are on the ground and standing by to help you stick the landing on all your flight-related questions.

Automotive Station :: Gardens
What’s that old truck doing out there in the field? Why, just waiting for you to stop by! Come pop the hood with us as we explore the inner workings of the modern automobile. You can learn everything from DIY auto maintenance, spot-fixes for common emergencies, and nifty plot tricks your characters can use to start - or sabotage - their vehicle of choice. 


Archaeology Station :: East Meadow
Come dig up a mystery! Drs. Mel White and John DeLaughter have set up a true-to-life archaeological dig, complete with all the tools of the trade. They’ll show you how ancient artifacts and fossils are unearthed, examined, and meticulously preserved, and invite you to get your hands dirty… for science!

Police and Fire Truck :: East Meadow
From 2 to 5 on Saturday, we’ve got Officer Adam Arista standing by to answer your questions about all things law enforcement. At 2 on Sunday, Arson and Bomb Squad Lead Investigator Brad Sims is bringing his gear for show-and-tell. And all weekend long, Patrick Razack and his fire truck are at your service. Stop by and find out what it takes to save the day!

Lockpicking Station :: Village Commons
Whether you’ve accidentally locked your keys in the car, your partner in a pair of furry handcuffs, or your prisoner in the wrong part of the dungeon, one truth is universal: lockpicking is just incredibly cool. Come try out a variety of locks and tools, with expert guidance!

Publishing Station :: Village Commons
Should you try for an agent, or consider self-publishing? What about hybrid publishing? And how long does it actually take to publish a book? If you have questions about the craft or business of writing, the Writers League of Texas can help! Stop by and get to know the biggest literary nonprofit in the Lone Star State - and let them help you take your career to the next level!



Energy Station :: Gardens
Running low on power? Stop by and plug your phone in to our solar panel array! While you’re there, visit with engineers and battery specialists Phil and Nancy Golden and come see both home-brewed and alternative energy sources at work.

Radio Station :: Gardens
Need to communicate with someone over the hill? Maybe in the next state? Come check out our HAM radio station and find out what’s involved with bouncing radio waves off clouds and around the world.

Space Station :: Village Commons
While you’re waiting to visit a station IN space, come visit our station ON space! NASA insider Ken Ruffin, aerospace engineer (and Nebula-winning science fiction author!) Bill Ledbetter, and planetary geophysicist John DeLaughter are standing by to share their star-studded expertise on demand. 

Future Station :: Village Commons
Do you need some pro-quality prognostication? If you’re striving to craft a plausible vision of the future, look no further: professional futurist Tim Morgan is at your service. From social and economic changes to technological advances and world-changing discoveries, come learn the science of prediction - and get a potent glimpse of the world of tomorrow.

Sound good?

We’re excited too! Be sure to pick up your tickets today and avoid the rush at the gate!