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Featured Instructors in 2018

Jo Smith.jpg

Jo Smith - Live Forge and Bladesmithing

From a childhood spent hunting, skinning, and working in taxidermy, Jo Smith has long understood importance of a good knife. Now, as the master smith behind Silver Anvil Blades, he has forged a career in crafting top-quality blades for every need. As seen on the History Channel's Forged in Fire and Knife or Death series, Jo's smithing skills are second to none (actually, he is ranked 8th in the world at the Bladesports World Championship!) - and he is firing up his forge for a live interactive demonstration at Writers in the Field!


Brittney Voelker - Herbalism

As a gardening enthusiast, Brittney has enjoyed studying, experimenting with, and making herbal remedies for the past 10 years. For family and friends she frequently makes herbal infusions for issues from headaches to stomach problems. Using home grown herbs, she concocts various salves and tinctures for external use. She will be speaking about what herbs were used by settlers, how they would be harvested and stored, demonstrate how to make a salve, and some fun facts about poisons, famous mishaps, and field first aid.


Nathan Cofield - Lockpicking

Nathan Cofield began his lockpicking career at an early age as, first as a self-taught, then professionally trained, locksmith. His knowledge base spans commercial, residential, and automotive locks as well as weird and ancient locks. Nathan spent years in the Fort Worth area helping people with their lock needs, including sometimes making new locks in the field. Take a journey with him and practice a little locksmithing of your own.

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Dave Huss - Law Enforcement and Ballistics

David W Huss attended Ball State University. There, he received masters degrees in both Criminal Justice and Forensics Science. He is a U.S. Army veteran, former police officer in Muncie, IN, was a Criminal Justice instructor in forensic science since 2000 and also teaches ballistics and chemical forensics.

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John Stout - Archery

John Stout has been practicing medieval and renaissance combat for almost thirty years. He performed with The Freelancers and Rumors of War - two fully-armored jousting teams - for over ten years. A certified archery instructor, as well as a bowyer and a fletcher, he will demonstrate archery techniques from a variety of historical and modern traditions - and guide students in building their own bows from recovered materials.

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Shane Richmond - Swords and Stage Combat

Shane has been a scholar of western martial arts for over thirty years. He's been a full contact jouster (Free Lancers), a professional stuntman for working on Walker Texas Ranger and Wish Bone, a fight choreographer for Scarborough Faire, Baylor University, and many more. He's a certified instructor for the American Academy of Stage and Screen Combat Choreographers, an instructor of mutiple historical European martial disciplines, as well as a maestro at the H'Aart of Defense School of Combat.

image courtesy of  Tkatzphotos

image courtesy of Tkatzphotos

John Hemmert - Shipwrecks and Maritime Salvage

From an early age, John Hemmert has been fascinated by nautical history, the Titanic, and the White Star Line. An avid collector of both military and nautical antiques and uniforms, John has long been active in the world of historical reenactment. He worked for ten years with a maritime salvage firm on a White Star Line vessel that sank in 1909, and was also employed by White Star Line Ltd of Switzerland, as a researcher, in their bid to produce a "Titanic-2" cruise vessel. Now focused on Titanic and White Star Line events and research, he helps organize and participates in events, and holds "Titanic Dinners" in his free time.