Writers in the Field started with a simple idea: what if there were a fun, affordable way for modern writers to see, smell, hold, and experience some of their more exotic and obscure subjects, all while picking the brains of world-class experts? It's a zesty notion - but it takes much more than a good idea to pull off an event this ambitious. Here are some of the key players who have committed themselves to bringing Writers in the Field to life! 


Shane and Leslie Richmond

The dynamic duo behind it all, Shane and Leslie have dedicated themselves and their homestead to crafting unforgettable entertainment experiences. From the phenomenally successful Steampunk November to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party to A-Kon's iconic Steampunk Ball, their events are a legendary draw for ren faire-goers, costumers, vintage weapon enthusiasts, historical re-enactors, and fans of every stripe. With Writers in the Field, they are pulling out all the stops (and corks, for those attending the wine-tasting event!) to bring world-class fun and expertise to writers of every genre and medium.

William "Bud" Humble

Bud Humble is one of those "just what it says on the tin" kind of guys: modest to a fault, and everyone's friend. A future bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy and part-time 'sword sommelier', any time that Bud doesn't spend writing seems to go toward either socializing via armed combat or building a space for others to do likewise.  As Writers in the Field's co-founder and site manager, he is a natural organizer and an invaluable diplomat, translating between our "writer" and our "field" cohorts with effortless grace.  If you need a buddy, you've got Bud!




Tex Thompson

Tex Thompson was once described as "an explosion of 52 enthusiastic kittens latching onto everything at once." That is about the size of it.

In addition to being an instructor for the Writers Path at SMU and the author of the internationally-published Children of the Drought series, Tex is the founder and 'chief instigator' for WORD - Writers Organizations 'Round Dallas. WORD's mission is to unite and support writers groups all over North Texas, and help connect area writers with the groups, events, and resources that will take their work to the next level. When she's not leading the charge at home in Dallas, Tex brings her particular brand of 'red-penthusiasm' to conferences, conventions, and workshops all over the country - as an egregiously enthusiastic, endlessly energetic one-woman stampede.